About the Artist: I am a photographer in Arizona that enjoys being outside in nature taking photographs of gardens, landscaping, wildlife, & butterflies. The beauty that nature has to offer, inspires me. I enjoy being creative & expresses my creativity by combining my photographs with my arts & crafts skills to create home decor, decorative boxes & frames, jewelry and gifts for all occasion.

The idea of running an e-business started back in December of 2004 when I decided to go back to school and get a degree in business/e-business. After I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business/E-Business in 2008, I began to pursue what type of business I wanted to do.

I decided in 2010, to combine two of my favorite hobbies (photography and arts & crafts) into a home décor e-business. I enjoy being outdoors capturing the beauty of nature in a photograph and displaying that photograph in my home. I also enjoy making homemade crafts for my friends and family to give them a homemade gift for their birthdays or during the holidays.

In 2011, I began designing the type of products that I wanted to sell for home décor, such as wall art, decorative decoupage frames, recipe boxes, trinket boxes, greeting cards and more. Then in April of 2012, my dream came true and Inspiring Fotos became an e-business.

Inspiring Fotos enjoys capturing the beauty of nature in a photograph and sharing that artwork as home décor. These homemade products are now available, so that they can be displayed in your home as wall art, photo trinket box, or send a greeting/note card to a friend or family.