Inspiring Fotos Gallery

All these photos in this gallery have been photograph by Judy Galligan and are copyrighted. Most of the photos have been taken from places that I have visited. There are a variety of photos from blooming flowers, places I have traveled and the wildlife that as cross my path in life. I really enjoy the outdoors and taking photos that I can share. Enjoy the gallery.

This is one of my favorite wildlife photos. Up close with a 2 year giraffe. This photo was taken at the wildlife park in AZ.

One of the most beautiful things to see during February in Arizona is the cacti blooming. Here is a picture of a Saguaro cactus blooming in Tucson, AZ.

Here is a picture of Night Blooming Hilmanns Cerus. This cactus blooms its flower starting a dusk and then the flower closes at sunrise. This photo was taken at Lowe's resort in Tucson, AZ.